Wallet Tutorial


  1. How To Sign Up for A New Wallet
  2. Buying Cryptocurrency
  3. Sending Cryptocurrency
  4. Receiving Cryptocurrency
  5. Security
  6. Adding BTC/BCH Wallets
  7. Swap
  8. Discover

1. How To Sign Up for A New Wallet  #

1.1 Install the free APP on mobile iOS or Android

6VrgSMOUaoIfJbvkAiZ5efa0qYzGKcOpyBtsWqgar3Tf2EZ5iefwD97qN5fBKz6YpI6i oThRgE egnQVgagH0WBAH2wpZkQE z51dePLYtkm3IpF2RdInV5hEgHglHlIeHWgku

1.2 Once installed, open the APP and select ‘Next’ and choose to ‘Continue Anonymously’: 

LUrP14fCbNpCgoUN GAAyOUFhKvHZVFhgR7FFeywddyVTGUVyT7FswvIivBf9YWSRHq1QS0LLEQ03zgmKJ785c6uZxkG hh9RD1S3DW3hNw BzoCXlvBLUPBHLZHEEfFGDocGKnX  RqMcLXuXNhRuHjTa60TbQ0TD7ZsReyu7a3vZ6r80 dekE ZITLJxvoia1AF9WFuBcUz55SZnB 6w11i8atx

Note: The Wallet does not require KYC verification. Once the installation process is complete, you’ll be directed to the home screen. 

2. Buying Cryptocurrency #

2.1 On your home screen select to buy Bitcoin and then select ‘My BTC Wallet’:

zH6H8XWDAAAIKIbjyCKmGctSGK9Yhf8J4anTnDxK75W7YyxQTNPtrzkCW xDXvBzPeZr0dgZFrXaQAPoM7DIEyEQhtwV7YtSYEgZzOf2Rbo7OmAWk3GGHcvIGUzIDPnoGGmMy eG    pD3jUaxOmaYf5eKjxH8VCcVP JPtNpNoqfpOCL3v7zACK5LXhOleGIuhhPOOlqM7Jt0CZ3V5lmv b   

2.2 Fill in the amount and select ‘Buy Now’:

zZgUEVzZKC u7iSbtog Aj1oBAMHyPpkxhrBQM0i kSMpgtTjXYrjprsmDHg3jprU8eQ4 trcddrft0vLHYPzmRAzqyf79kTAYtrE76zHyNB7ivEliv8Ca7B7Bj8hKSCTDYKfH i

Note: A minimum of $20 is required to proceed. For your first purchase, you will be prompted to verify your identity and to add in your credit card details.

3. Sending Cryptocurrency #

3.1 On the home screen select the ‘Send’ icon or tap the QR Code:

7EdERVN3YtfwiPN2qogSC90WwhllOIy62kC0x0uY5XZhpzKnn TVqHDZ7nZGgzaMZudlim9R64BOeh8   or    RZbOwleIp787Au7KMEvp YCTORHvpfg4G4YtFdiJ8eF8t2u0f IlfiEqVs3F8SzglutrQgZIo t004AfUMl7wMHXCz8YiNY13PKlYWWzjnaMaFTcj5SL8GWUXRgr25Z Ph9qqC2Q   

Note: Copy and paste the recipient’s wallet address into your own wallet app. Or, if you’re in person, select Scan QR code and simply scan it with your app. You will be prompted to review and then confirm your withdrawal decision. The transaction fee varies according to the amount you intend on sending/withdrawing. 

4. Receiving Cryptocurrency #

4.1 Select ‘Receive’  and then select the currency and wallet you would like to receive in:

shr1 NmhYGZEC8ME6NkT0YThQQ03afJDVnZcg8MNl8LqDgqzfK2zX4Hwv85np9vKP9iNhxSGfO3 pbecSv0fY4cyAIqsA1le3cYao3hd BdyxnIQdEyK 2    iYyoHjHKmQ9HOZOUdvp3VOXdtFvLwPAm2XwNgZEEUKIXG9 u974gF51O1ISse3JOrIkNgjoRSa BJeCDtMfIxY0FycLqY0ge SJUHXFChceAIUNX IllNzJorniN6ZfuEu8DIJG7   

4.2  Your unique QR code will appear as well as your receive address:

2BpOMSDprbTjgDZkBBkMwgTvVpm832k CkZakPu3u0CbiM2DvfzL2jwd

Note: You can receive crypto via scanning your QR code or sharing your address. It takes some time for blocks to be validated, so your received crypto will take a while to appear.

5. Security  #

5.1 From your home screen, select the ‘Settings’ icon, and then select ‘Security Center’: 

JamqFl0zbom7WyzNc4g4C0MFG86UC5KnuBli0ZbtLnyrkKvZ     dfQQnYugPeDuN9FSv5OY5LLcfgxtuaMjiSAGCIcl2zXYxI1hK5KQtc0hTi3dnJeh0jFuOjbwdpUjE4fixQek7LCUCXAGpelH74d1E9 nmUF5LCloBaKudcgbjyTk djOwIXXIcc9

5.2 From the drop down select ‘Manual Backup’ and select which wallets to back up:

eDuZpmI6yHdoEAo6mFBSEJ4Q5p605CGiPTvykLCMQLWdV1bwfJdyCgqZcFX9fGGxMztcKbq1qxE8Y3EXJEUTu0  FgV3ge2rqK9JcODk Sl6GvK HASlF

Note: Your 12-word recovery phrase will appear for each wallet. Make sure to write it down and keep it safe, as it’s the only way of recovering your funds if you forget your information.

6. Adding BTC/BCH Wallets #

6.1  Select ‘Add’ on the home screen, then select ‘Create New Wallet’ from the pop-up : 

zMxiDDMSCXzzg8lo0fjpfsU3 FPOpP50pzwW9uRxK3zyTFHJFE8CQ ZfC Bwy0fkyyJoybP8qpBnIVNyc0 V6w 9PsoaoLhhrw1oJeY28BPm gE8yG9lIeTskPV1 6oA3 g4Snva   →     

6.2 Select between BTC/ BCH wallet, fill in the name, and select ‘Create Wallet’:

QZYPKX llxWLJEvptNAVt8FY5WSsFuKPJYlKseSnHTe svm0Kq1hAaBwYm1KG3G OMif2miXsfofdXDO2U7M4A T    lLze7WpaqRT2NxW05H9iuGixhuRdzEcgADzO3Cobjq MRQ1TByBJNvYSyuxyDjt qEONUF7DQbXr HN3w 0sVdtKA z

Note: Your newly created wallet will automatically appear on your home screen.              

7. Swap #

7.1 Scroll to the bottom of the home screen and select ‘Swap’: 

rNy27lVJKA4zh4zovs31z 4RhViirN

7.2 Fill in the amount, select the receive address and click ‘Confirm and Swap’:

hcXUE0 JFKoz6Xr3r6

Note: This feature allows you to escape the volatility of Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, by swapping some of your assets to Stablecoins, and swap back when the market is more in your favour.

8. Discover #

8.1 Scroll to the bottom of the home screen and select the ‘Discover’: 

8.2 You will be directed to the Discover landing page:

NnwiO4R4nzFEhjqsSP1SQIyN mqrGkqPCQ8FwDnFx8xB2M6kT X55SVM70dbt1Af09xLY v4p1A6qURUrmZpOKtX8FvPY3Vzy33HY6jjCglMRwbNjIIwkQzmUJFkwU7f6mbchn6

Note: This feature helps you to learn more about the latest news and developments in the cryptocurrency market.

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