What is Remitano

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Remitano makes cryptocurrency accessible to countries such as, but not limited to: Vietnam, Malaysia, Nigeria, India, South Africa, Singapore, Cambodia, Kenya, Ghana, and Pakistan.

In an effort to serve the huge growing African P2P bitcoin market, Remitano, a P2P platform, has added a Naira-based wallet allowing users to instantly both buy and sell using currency using Nigerian Nairas.

Investment Feature #

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Take Profit and Stop Loss Feature #

The cryptocurrency market operates around the clock. To protect its users, Remitano has a Take Profit and Stop Loss feature to help investors limit their losses and maximize their profits.

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Remitano Mission #

In response to the challenges brought on by 2020, Remitano launched its mission to provide employment opportunities for crypto enthusiasts.  Now, users can participate, on a freelance basis, in community building projects that reward with passive cryptocurrency earnings.

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